Move on with our life!

It has been quiet at De Kandelaar, partly due to the immense loss of Marc. We miss him in everything, as a husband, father, brother-in-law, son-in-law, but above all as a great friend and hard worker. With the help of many around us, we picked up again and continue the work on the farm.

Marc’s last project, the milk house, is also taking shape. We are busy with the artwork to give shape to the experience of Flevoland. We hope to open the milk tap on 9th April. In addition, we will soon be making cheese in a real 500 litres cheese tub. In summary, the production of Flevoland Cheese gets going again.

Spring is coming and we will again participate in Tulip Route Flevoland. Just like last year, we are also the starting location of the Lelystad car route this year. More information about tickets, etc. can be found on the Tulip Route Flevoland website. This year, there will be a covered terrace with nice stalls full of tulip gadgets and other interesting products. Of course we are happy to give a tour of our farm with a look at the milk tap and the cheese factory. For the children and the elderly we have two nice packages in collaboration with the IJsbrouwers and Zwaan Buitensport.

New this year will be the possibility of taking a walk in the tulip fields with a packed lunch and/or drink. For €14.95 per person we have put together a delicious packed lunch and afterwards you can take home the tulip picnic blanket.  If you would rather enjoy the tulip field at the end of the day, then we offer “drinks in the tulip field”. Enjoy a Flevoland cheese platter and taste the freshness of the Tulip beer from Artemis brewery. Costs are €24.95 for 2 people. Reserve your “Lunch in the tulip field” or “Drinks in the tulip field” by sending us a message via this link. Lunch and drinks can be booked daily from 16th April to 7th May.