The tulip bloom is almost coming to an end

Mother Nature cannot be controlled and as the Dutch saying goes “April does what she wants” the same is true for the tulips.  Due to the warm winter, the tulips started to bloom around 2 weeks earlier than usual for the time of year.  Partly due to the heavy rain and high temperatures the tulips are growing very fast.  More and more fields are being topped (removal of the flower).  After all, the tulips which are grown in Flevoland are for producing strong tulip bulbs and not for the tulip itself. The closing date of the Tulip route was initially on 5 May, however the tulip splendor and beauty will most likely end before the end of April.  For the latest news, please check the website Tulpenroute Flevoland.

For those who would still like to enjoy the beautiful tulip fields, visit this weekend or early next week, otherwise you will have to wait until next year. For the time being, until the tulip season ends, we are still open daily from 10:00 to 17:00.  You can visit our indoor tulip market where you can score nice tulip underpants, tulip bags, other tulip gadgets or exclusive tulips.  Of course coffee and cake is served.