De Kandelaar’s cheese factory and shop is open!

Sometimes small thoughts can suddenly become reality. Joris and Marc would like to get more value for their products, Lisette enjoys cheese making and Mariska likes to serve her guests products from their own company during breakfast or lunch. What could be better than cheese made from the cows’ milk of De Kandelaar.

And so Lisette started with a starter kit for cheese making at the beginning of December. To learn the tricks of cheese making, we made a visit to Texel, where Mascha, a friend of Mariska’s, has a cheese factory. We couldn’t wait to taste our first cheese and we were blown away by the delicious taste. We added the cheese molds, a cheese press was sought and bought and production was switched from a pan to a preservation pan. Family and friends responded enthusiastically to our cheeses, which increased production with an extra preserving pan. The cheese factory moved to the garage and Marc made a beautiful press table. But the garage also became too small, especially to store all the cheese properly.



Fortunately, RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) had left a unit with climate control. This unit was used to carry out studies into air quality and the weather. This unit emerged to be the perfect space for cheese making and storage. When the sugar beets were finally collected, the unit could be moved to where the weighbridge used to be. Via ‘marktplaats’ we found a suitable oak cheese cabinet for the design of our cheese shop.  Today is the day, 1st February 2021, the cheese factory and shop has opened its doors. We are open from Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.  If you would like to receive nice promotions from our cheese shop, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.