Life does not stand still on the farm.

What a turbulent time we are experiencing. The world has been affected by the misery surrounding the Corona virus. It is very quiet at De Kandelaar; no visits from guests or meetings in the Bed & Breakfast and no visits from representatives.

The girls are home from school and do the tasks they have been given. Fortunately, they can play outside and there are still the animals to look after.

The organisation of Tulip Route Flevoland has also been affected by the Corona virus. All work has been halted and the decision has been made not to plan any routes or organise activities. We really sympathise with the people affected by the Corona virus, but also with the entrepreneurs, including the tulip farmers. Fortunately, our tulip farmers can enjoy all the beauty

that is currently blossoming on the land. We are waiting for enough drought and will then start sowing sugar beet and corn and planting potatoes. If everything continues to grow, the first grass cut will start in April. The “dry” cows have already taken their first steps outside and enjoy the sun and their walk outside.

In short, life does not stand still on the farm, but it is quiet. We wish everyone a lot of strength at this time, take care of yourself and your loved ones!