New Milking Robots

After 24 years it was time to say goodbye to the DeLaval OerClassic milking robot.  It was the oldest, still working, operating milking robot from DeLaval.  In 2000, it was said that these robots would last at most 10 years!  24 years later … The new robot is like a switch from a gnome to a big giant.  What a beautiful machine, and not only us, but the cows as well, are very happy with this new robot.

1 May: the old robots were removed and the new DeLaval V300 was placed in a temporary setup on the grids.  In no time, the technicians and engineers Luuk, Erwin, Wouter and Bart managed to connect the new robot.  Despite the temporary setup, the cows were eager to enter the new milking robot. In the meantime, there was sufficient time to properly install all pipes, walls, etc., and recoat the floor in the milking room.  This work was carried out by Henny and an employee at Piersma Floors. 13 May: the new robots were placed in their final location and as soon as the gate was opened, the first cow entered! 

Calm has been restored and the new robot is milking to complete satisfaction.  All cows are properly connected, a few teething problems (that is, if we don’t forget to open any valves ourselves!) and milk production has increased.  The V300 provides significant energy savings and also maintenance costs will decrease.

Friday 24 May we officially put the new DeLaval V300 milking robots in use.  While enjoying a coffee and a delicious piece of cake, we looked back to the past 24 years with a few people who were there at the beginning. Obviously, including a tour to the new milking robot. We hope that this new V300 milking robot is going to do its job for the next 20+ years.