Tulip route Flevoland starts!

This year our patience is being tested due to the slow growth of the tulips as it has been very cold.  This means the growth of the tulips is almost 2 weeks behind compared to the other years. Tulip Route Flevoland was due to start on 10 April, but will now start on 16 April. Due to Corona, visiting the routes and the participating companies is limited. If you would like to drive the tulip route, a ticket must be purchased. You can order a ticket via this link.

Bed & Breakfast De Kandelaar and Boerkok are the starting locations for the driving route Lelystad. In addition to your ticket, you can order a delicious home-made cheese board to enjoy on the road. The cheese boards and coffee to go are also available at De Kandelaar. In collaboration with Ice Brewers and Zwaan Outdoor Sports, we have organised an interactive children’s tulip package.

If you would like you can have a look in our small cheese factory. Enjoy the tulips from close by, please take a short stroll in one of the fields. The beautiful tulips are grown by brothers Ad and Erik de Wit. If you would get to know the area better, you can rent a bike and follow the cycle route from De Kandelaar. As you can tell, there is so much to do so why not make it a longer stay by booking a room in the Bed & Breakfast at De Kandelaar.