Golf-kunstwerk met geschiedenis van Flevoland

The walking route ‘Pionierspad’ will open soon!

The ‘Pionierspad’ is a unique walking route from Steenwijk to Muiden through the youngest Dutch county Flevoland (East to West). This Path offers what the name promises: ‘pioneering’. You will walk across what used to be the Zuiderzee (Southern Sea), which was only reclaimed half a century ago. A walk through forests and swamps, alternated with views of endless lowlands. The 200 kilometer route covers many unpaved footpaths along fields, ditches and grass dikes. In the top of the county Overijssel you will find peace and quiet and of course you should not miss the picturesque town of Giethoorn (also known as Venice of the North or Netherlands).  Walk along the Oostvaardersplassen (the newest Dutch Nature Reserve) to Muiderslot Castle.

Rust- en oplaadpunt e-bikes De Kandelaar

Stage 5 to stage 11 of the Pionierspad is easily accessible from Bed & Breakfast De Kandelaar. Relax every evening in the middle of Flevoland’s rural area, where you can enjoy the polder landscape from a (hanging) chair and read the story of Flevoland on our terrace. After a restful sleep and a delicious breakfast, you will be ready to walk another stage of the Pionierspad. Plan your trip now, do not miss out and book a room at Bed & Breakfast De Kandelaar.