Promotie Tulpenroutes in Dronterland

Preparations are in full swing for the tulip festival in Eastern Flevoland. Dronten has been willing to promote the tulips routes in “Dronterland”. You will be able to find a walking, cycling and a car route on   The car route ends up on our farm.

On Saturday 11 and 18 April and Monday 27 April, there are special activities along these routes. For our guests we have additional cycling routes along the many beautiful, colorful tulip fields in our region.

With the start of spring the activities on our land have increased.  The tulip bulbs are growing and will bloom abundantly within weeks, last week we sew beet roots.  When we have a few days of dry weather Johan van de Bergh will set and sow the onions.

We are also busy with our expansion plans of the diary barn extension to create more space for our cows in-calf, we will expand the stable by 6 meters. At the same time we will also place solar panels on the roof to produce sustainable energy.

Finally, we are now sponsoring the local softball team ‘The Vrijbuiters’.  An advert sign of ‘De Kandelaar’ is placed around the softball field and by supporting the local athletes we also hope many people will see the advert.

reclame_softbal tulpenveld_maart