A new season… tulips!

After a moderate winter with few cold days we are getting ready for the new season. We are waiting for drier times but slowly the country will be worked again.

logo tulpenrouteMeanwhile, it’s also the start of the tourist season. In a few days we hope to have a striking new brochure available in 4 languages.  Furthermore, with a few of the co-owners in the borough we are organising various tulip routes. There will be a car route starting from the B&B De Kandelaar.  This route will not only bring you through more than 50 tulip fields but also via several other attractions and restaurants in the scenic region of Dronten. There is also a cycle route of almost 30 km near B&B De Kandelaar. In short you can fully enjoy the beautiful and vibrant colours of the flowers. afbeelding tulpenroute

Saturday 16th April is the opening of the various routes.  However, that of course is dependent on Mother Nature if the tulips will be in full bloom. On April 23, we have arranged a special Tulip Open Day. During the day you can have a look at our farm and you can admire some of the machines that are used to cultivate tulip bulbs.

More information can be found on our website or follow www.tulpenroutedronten.nl  or “Tulips Route Dronten” on Facebook.