Into the new season!

And here is another year and right now with lovely crisp winter weather. It is very important for the land that we get a good frost so the land can be better processed in spring. The frost contributes to reducing nuisance pests that usually pop up in spring. Plus of course, being Dutch, we fully enjoy the wintry pictures and the skating!

In the stables we are currently testing a JOZ feed slide.  In collaboration with JOZ we are looking at the digestion of food in the cows. It’s also very nice to see that their feed always lies neatly within the range of the cows. Currently the general farm work consists mostly of maintenance to the many machines and the occasional repair to the stables.

In addition, it is now time for attending meetings and seminars. Marc and Joris have attended a course to gain their spraying license and Natasha and Mariska have followed their compulsary refresher BHV-course.

We are in full preparation with the upcoming tourist season, in particular the Tulip Routes.  On Saturday 15th April, the opening of the Tulip Routes takes place at De Kandelaar. On this day, there are several companies present from the area to showcase their products and activities at a local market. Depending on the weather and the bulbs we should be able to admire the many blooming tulip fields in our area. It is expected that the fields will be in bloom until mid-May.