Bed & Breakfast is open again

We have resumed the running of the B&B De Kandelaar following the abrupt closure after the unexpected loss of Marc.  Our guests are more than welcome again in the Bed & Breakfast De Kandelaar. Life on the farm continues and keeps us busy with looking after our livestock and land.

In collaboration with IVN, there will be a fun 2 hour nature Challenge in the coming month. Get some fresh air in the local area and experience how good it is to be around nature. Take on the Challenge this fall! Sign up for the Challenge for free and receive cool Challenges in the mail throughout October to go and explore nature for two hours a week.

Thank you for all your support!

How great is the loss when someone is no longer here! It is unimaginable how many visits, messages, phone calls, cards, flowers and help we have received following the unexpected loss of Marc. The farewell was moving and poignant and gives us a lot of support and strength. Marc lives on in everyone he knew and we hope we can bear this loss together.


Pictures made by AHA Fotografie