Een nieuw kavelpad

A warm, growing summer

During the second “heat wave” I wrote this new message from De Kandelaar. In Flevoland we also reached temperatures of 39C. Fortunately it remained 10 degrees cooler in the stables with the help of two large fans and a small sprayer. The cows remained calm hence milk production has remained equal.

With the showers from time to time we have been able to cut the grass for the 5th time this week (normally half is the standard). In the meantime, the grass seed harvest is more than a month ago and we now wait for the month of September (removed comer) when we will harvest corn, potatoes and onions.

Today we made a start on the construction of a new path to reach our fields better; a nice smooth concrete path which will soon be used to bring in the harvest..

This week we were also mentioned in the local newspaper ‘Flevopost’ with an article written by Flow Media about our guests who have been staying with us each year during the Lowlands for more than 10 years. You can read the article from Flevopost.

Finally a photo of our young kittens; Nala, Simba and Sarabi were born on 4th August.