Tulip route Flevoland approaching kickoff!

Preparations for the 2019 Tulip route Flevoland are being finalized. The opening will take place at Bed & Breakfast De Kandelaar on Saturday 13 April. From 10:00am everybody is welcome and the official opening will be performed by representatives of the municipality of Dronten, Lelystad and Zeewolde at around 10:30am.

At the opening there will also be the Tulip Market where you can gain information on the cultivation of tulips or this year’s tulip routes (walk, bike or car) or the Floriade. As part of the Golden Age theme Batavialand will show and promote the foundation’s preservation and commercial operation of the heritage park that represents, describes and exhibits the history and characteristics of the Netherlands, living on the boundary between land and water, with old crafts. Or you can take a selfie with the Golden tractor of Team Agro, Polderzoom will showcase and sell their cheeses from the region, IJsbrouwers will cater with their homemade icecream and Vaya Con Dios perform their music. In addition, there are appealing and alluring tulip gadgets available, from tulip umbrellas to tulip shopping bags and tea made from tulips. The Tulip Market is open until 5:00pm.

From 13 April to 5 May 2019, Bed & Breakfast De Kandelaar is open daily from 10:00am to 5:00pm.Whilst you are enjoying a cup of coffee, tea or a soft drink with a piece of home-made cake on our covered terrace, you can get more information about the tulip cultivation. There will also be a number of stalls selling tulip items. Also every day fresh tulips will be available directly from the tulip farmers. On 22 April, Easter Monday, there will be another large Tulip Market with even more tulip art and the male choir „Flevo’s mannenkoor“ will perform between 1:00 and 3:00pm. Bed & Breakfast De Kandelaar is located on the car route of Lelystad. More information about all routes can be found at www.tulpenrouteflevoland.nl