In recent months we have been busy.

There was a pause in the news but there was a reason, we have been extremely busy! In September the last of the asbestos was removed from the barn and then solar panels were installed.  Not only on the large barn, but also on the roofs of the potatoe barn and cattle shed.  In total, nearly 900 solar panels have been placed on the various roofs.  On a sunny day we will yield approximately more than 1000 Kwh.  Much more than we consume in a day, i.e. at De Kandelaar we contribute to the environment by using green energy and giving back to the grid.

The cattle shed has been widened by 6 metres, where a beautiful space has now been created for resting/dry cows (the dry period is an important resting period for the dairy cow, where fresh udder tissue is formed in readiness for the lactation, and it provides an important opportunity to rid the udder of many potential pathogens that can cause mastitis).  There is now ample space for all cows to stay in good shape.  We also now have a large loft where the cows have plenty of space to wean off their calves, plus the cubicles around the milking robots are now fully operational by the lactating cows.

Meanwhile, we have also had a busy period with working the land.  Due to the cold and wet autumn, the harvest took place mainly in October; harvesting corn, potatoes and part of the sugar beet.  In early November the tulip bulbs were planted again by the White Company in Bovenkarspel and we then also cleared the last of the sugar beet.  Following the harvest and planting, the arable land was plowed and is now ready for the winter – let the snow and frost come.

Finally, thanks to VWA Dronten. We also have been working hard to create the new website and here is the result.  The website is now also available on the iPad and the smartphone.