Here we go…

Planning permissions given, compared the quotes and now construction starts.

After a 2.5 years wait, the permit has finally come through. Today we have made a start with the preparations for the expansion of the dairy barn.

To this end, we will first make alterations to the field where we house our goats and sheep. With the expansion we will create additional space for “dry” cows so that they have more freedom and comfort to move around. (Dry cows: cows which do not produce milk.) As a result the area around the milking robot will now only accommodate the dairy cows.

Next week the current barn wall will be demolished and holes will be dug where the wells are for the new section. From mid-June: the construction of the roof begins.

To make our contribution to sustainability; in the coming summer months several roofs from our outer buildings will be equipped with solar energy. The company ‘Energy Plusdak’ will be here in August / September to install these solar panels, this will coincide with the last removal of asbestos from our yard.

In short, plenty of construction activity in the coming months De Kandelaar.

stal_aanvang_bouw_schuur stal_aanvang_bouw_vooraanzicht