Tourist season starts

Due to the changing, sometimes extremely hot weather, the flowering time of the tulips was short this year and the tulip routes have now finished. Yet many people from home and abroad, even as far as from India and Thailand, have visited us. They took a look at the tulip fields, watched the film about tulip cultivation and educated themselves about 100 years of Zuiderzee law.

On the land a lot has been done, such as the corn, sugar beet and onions are sown. The potatoes have been planted and the ‘backs’ have been milled. The first cut of grass has been mowed and the grassland is manured, so hopefully we can cut the second cut of grass in 4 weeks.

Meanwhile, we continue to receive guests at our Bed & Breakfast. Either for a visit to one of the entertainment parks in the area such as Walibi, Dolfinarium (Sea World) or Aviodrome or to go shopping in Batavia Stad.  We also have guest stay, who work or train in the close vicinity of our B&B.

Finally, on 26 April, we organised a surprise party for Jos & Maria (the original owners of De Kandelaar) to celebrate 50 years of marriage. With family and many friends we had turned it into a beautiful party, which we all enjoyed leaving us with fond memories.

Opening Tulip Routes Flevoland 2018

Time flies!  While the last cold days pass by in the Netherlands, we are already focusing on spring and are currently delivering the potatoes from our shed. Three trucks full of potatoes are delivered to the stores every day, the onions are also delivered so the storage shed will soon be completely empty. Meanwhile, we are starting again with the new planting season and expect to sow the sugar beet by the end of this week.

In the meantime we are busy at the Bed & Breakfast with bookings and preparations for the tulip route Flevoland 2018. This year, again, the opening will take place at De Kandelaar. On Saturday, 14th April there will be a tulip market from 10:00am to 4:00pm, where various companies from the region will promote their products and services. At 10:30am the official opening of all the tulip routes in Flevoland takes place. This year, 4 car routes, 4 cycle routes and a walking route are planned for three weeks, from 14th April to 5th May.

Our location is on the car route ‘Lelystad’ and cycle route ‘Lelystad’. However, the routes in Dronten and Zeewolde are easy to drive from our location. In short, plenty of opportunities to admire the many beautiful fields and visit the companies that organize an activity. More information and the routes can be found on

In addition to the Tulip market on 14th April, we will have an exhibition about tulip cultivation from that day until 5th May. On the basis of photos, more explanation is given about the cultivation of tulips. Ed Voigt will also exhibit on 100 years of Zuiderzee (the South Sea) law and Ir. Lely.

We welcome you from 14th April to 5th May between 10:00am to 4:00pm – every day.

Into the new season!

And here is another year and right now with lovely crisp winter weather. It is very important for the land that we get a good frost so the land can be better processed in spring. The frost contributes to reducing nuisance pests that usually pop up in spring. Plus of course, being Dutch, we fully enjoy the wintry pictures and the skating!

In the stables we are currently testing a JOZ feed slide.  In collaboration with JOZ we are looking at the digestion of food in the cows. It’s also very nice to see that their feed always lies neatly within the range of the cows. Currently the general farm work consists mostly of maintenance to the many machines and the occasional repair to the stables.

In addition, it is now time for attending meetings and seminars. Marc and Joris have attended a course to gain their spraying license and Natasha and Mariska have followed their compulsary refresher BHV-course.

We are in full preparation with the upcoming tourist season, in particular the Tulip Routes.  On Saturday 15th April, the opening of the Tulip Routes takes place at De Kandelaar. On this day, there are several companies present from the area to showcase their products and activities at a local market. Depending on the weather and the bulbs we should be able to admire the many blooming tulip fields in our area. It is expected that the fields will be in bloom until mid-May.

Company Report DeLaval

There it is, nearly another summer gone and we are finally enjoying a beautiful but late summer.  The colours at dawn and dusk are such a beautiful event at De Kandelaar.  Over the summer DeLaval has filmed a superb documentary about the Voluntary Milking System which we have been using for over 16 years.  There is an interesting interview with Dad and Joris about their experiences with the milking robot. See the full report via this link.  In addition, Bert Rijk has also taken some stunning aerial pictures with his drone.


Meanwhile, the fifth cut of grass was mowed and last week our contractor Frens from Hulshort had chopped the corn. The yield was less than previous years, but the product seems to be of excellent quality. We have to wait a little longer for the delicious potatoes that we use for fries to be harvested but the onions will be harvested this month.  Bulb company Fa. de Wit is already busy with preparations for the planting of the new tulip bulbs. Next year, in cooperation with Tulips Route Dronten, we will yet again create walking, cycling and car routes along the tulip fields.





During this year we have received lots of different nationalities in our Bed and Breakfast, from the Netherlands to Japan.  Next month, many visitors will be staying at the B&B who have booked the special deal “one night at the B&B and entry to Walibi Fright Night”.  If you would like to visit please book quickly because full is full.


The tulip routes have opened.

Last Saturday in Hanneke’s picking garden the tulip routes in the area of Dronten have been opened.

Bed & Breakfast “De Kandelaar” is the starting point of the car and bike trail for all the Dronten tulip routes.

Saturday 23rd April, an Open Day has been organised at “De Kandelaar”. During the day you can take a closer look at the workings of a modern farm where cows are milked by a robot (DeLaval) . You can also see the variety of machines that are required for planting, caring and harvesting the tulip bulbs. A special “Meet & Greet” has been organised with tulip grower Wim Klink.  For the children and creative people Jolanda Noome of Jono Creatief will run a few small workshops for various ideas on what you can do with tulips.  There will also be coffee and tea at the Bed & Breakfast where the owners will tell you about their farm and the B&B.

You are welcome Saturday 23rd April from 13:00 to 17:00.

logo tulpenroute

A new season… tulips!

After a moderate winter with few cold days we are getting ready for the new season. We are waiting for drier times but slowly the country will be worked again.

logo tulpenrouteMeanwhile, it’s also the start of the tourist season. In a few days we hope to have a striking new brochure available in 4 languages.  Furthermore, with a few of the co-owners in the borough we are organising various tulip routes. There will be a car route starting from the B&B De Kandelaar.  This route will not only bring you through more than 50 tulip fields but also via several other attractions and restaurants in the scenic region of Dronten. There is also a cycle route of almost 30 km near B&B De Kandelaar. In short you can fully enjoy the beautiful and vibrant colours of the flowers. afbeelding tulpenroute

Saturday 16th April is the opening of the various routes.  However, that of course is dependent on Mother Nature if the tulips will be in full bloom. On April 23, we have arranged a special Tulip Open Day. During the day you can have a look at our farm and you can admire some of the machines that are used to cultivate tulip bulbs.

More information can be found on our website or follow  or “Tulips Route Dronten” on Facebook.

In recent months we have been busy.

There was a pause in the news but there was a reason, we have been extremely busy! In September the last of the asbestos was removed from the barn and then solar panels were installed.  Not only on the large barn, but also on the roofs of the potatoe barn and cattle shed.  In total, nearly 900 solar panels have been placed on the various roofs.  On a sunny day we will yield approximately more than 1000 Kwh.  Much more than we consume in a day, i.e. at De Kandelaar we contribute to the environment by using green energy and giving back to the grid.

The cattle shed has been widened by 6 metres, where a beautiful space has now been created for resting/dry cows (the dry period is an important resting period for the dairy cow, where fresh udder tissue is formed in readiness for the lactation, and it provides an important opportunity to rid the udder of many potential pathogens that can cause mastitis).  There is now ample space for all cows to stay in good shape.  We also now have a large loft where the cows have plenty of space to wean off their calves, plus the cubicles around the milking robots are now fully operational by the lactating cows.

Meanwhile, we have also had a busy period with working the land.  Due to the cold and wet autumn, the harvest took place mainly in October; harvesting corn, potatoes and part of the sugar beet.  In early November the tulip bulbs were planted again by the White Company in Bovenkarspel and we then also cleared the last of the sugar beet.  Following the harvest and planting, the arable land was plowed and is now ready for the winter – let the snow and frost come.

Finally, thanks to VWA Dronten. We also have been working hard to create the new website and here is the result.  The website is now also available on the iPad and the smartphone.


Rewarded with 4 tulips…

Last week we had a visit from a mystery guest from Bed & Breakfast Netherlands. We were assessed during this visit which would decide on how many tulips were to be rewarded. Tulips are similar to the star rating standards for hotels.

Our mystery guest was very happy and gave us a wonderful commentary. “The Candlestick is a very rural B & B. We had a nice room with a good bed and clean bathroom. The breakfast room / cafeteria is cozy and also has a kitchen which can be used if a guest(s) wants to cook for themselves. Everything looks picobello” (awesome) on the dairy and arable farm. The breakfast was delicious and there was even a possibility to make use of a lovely terrace. We had a tour of the dairy farm and then the hostess passionately told us about the workings of the farm. We also had the chance to admire the calves. Very interesting and educational, we can still taste the fresh milk which is so different from the milk you buy at the store/supermarket. Recommended.

With such a good review we are obviously proud of having received 4 tulips.

Simultaneously with the visit of the mystery guest there was also plenty of buzz in the building, earlier that morning we had the pit floor cemented. After some 10 trucks full with concrete and after the considerable amount of hours worked by the construction company ‘Hogendoorn BV’ there was a smooth floor in the well.

Dispite the heat, they are currently finishing the walls of the pit, and finally due to the nice weather the corn is growing.  You can almost see it grow!  (about 15 cm per day).

15_6_30_betonvloer 15_7_1_putwand_1 entree_buiten


Here we go…

Planning permissions given, compared the quotes and now construction starts.

After a 2.5 years wait, the permit has finally come through. Today we have made a start with the preparations for the expansion of the dairy barn.

To this end, we will first make alterations to the field where we house our goats and sheep. With the expansion we will create additional space for “dry” cows so that they have more freedom and comfort to move around. (Dry cows: cows which do not produce milk.) As a result the area around the milking robot will now only accommodate the dairy cows.

Next week the current barn wall will be demolished and holes will be dug where the wells are for the new section. From mid-June: the construction of the roof begins.

To make our contribution to sustainability; in the coming summer months several roofs from our outer buildings will be equipped with solar energy. The company ‘Energy Plusdak’ will be here in August / September to install these solar panels, this will coincide with the last removal of asbestos from our yard.

In short, plenty of construction activity in the coming months De Kandelaar.

stal_aanvang_bouw_schuur stal_aanvang_bouw_vooraanzicht

It’s spring!

Spring is in full swing, the tulip fields are full of beautiful colours. On 11th April Dronterland’ officially opened itstulip routes. There is a walking, cycling and car routeorganised where you will pass several beautiful colourfulfields that are a must see. The routes have been opened up until Sunday 3rd May and can be downloaded

It’s also spring at De Kandelaar, the sugar beets are seeded first, the potatoes are planted and the onions and corn sown. It won’t be long before the country is the vibrant colour of green from the various crops.

Spring is not complete until young animals are born. We have been delighted with two young billy goats, kittens and the lambs are next.

aardappels_poten_2015 jonge_geitjes_2015 marlies_en_kaylee_tulpen